Problems with analysing your data? Puzzled by statistics? Unsure about a test to use? Want to know whether your results are significant?

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We offer internet consultancy in the area of statistics, particularly applied to biology. Contact us if you have a problem requiring data analysis and interpretation. We also organise courses in statistics, at basic and advanced levels. New website including FAQ list, knowledge base and on-line tutorials is planned for Winter 2007.

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We draw our staff from top universities in the UK and in Europe. They all have many years of academic experience in applying statistical tools and in teaching statistics at different levels. belongs to a group of internet consultancies in the area of Mathematics and Biology, We offer teaching and consultancy in all areas of mathematics and mathematical biology, so please refer to the main website for details.

To request help in solving statistical problem, contact a statistician by e-mail. Please note that we are temporarily unable to answer questions related to or involving SPSS. We apologise for any inconvenience. is designed, maintained and owned by AK,

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